Research Management

Investigator Services

RMI understands that investigators have limited time to allocate to their clinical trials.   Therefore we manage the entire process, from employees to protocols, in order to ensure that your expertise is utilized in the most efficient manner possible.   We staff and manage your site with an experienced Research Coordinator to provide complete trial management, including data management, budget negotiations, patient recruitment strategies and protocol reviews.   All site management duties, such as developing site specific Standards Operating Procedures (SOP’s) and quality assurance processes, are handled by our team of trained leaders.

Unlike many other SMO’s, RMI also offers on-site development training for all investigators and employees involved in the trial.  We keep you informed of upcoming trials and opportunities that may be of interest to you, selecting only those trials which we know we can have exemplary performance.  Due to our strong relationships with the Pharmaceutical companies and our successful track record, we are able to place the appropriate clinical trials at our sites that match our investigator’s interests and their patients medical needs.

Benefits of working with RMI:

  • Conduct meaningful, clinical research while maintaining regular clinical practice responsibilities
  • Gain experience with new, cutting edge therapies prior to FDA approval
  • Improve care for patients by offering them the best treatments available
  • Supplement CV
  • Enhance profits

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Research Management